Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Praise Jesus for Financial Aid

Today I completed my last phase of registration for classes next semester. Wonderful news: I OWE NOTHING OUT OF POCKET THIS SEMESTER. Woot! Thanks to a $2,000 scholarship I recently won, my entire tuition and meal plan expenses are covered by financial aid -- with $500 extra that I can use for next semester (or use for books or something).

I've struggled with doubt as of late; doubts about my future, God, whatever. This good news doesn't necessarily cure the doubt, but it definitely improves my perspective in life and reminds me to rejoice and be thankful for my prvileged existence. I could focus on all the student loans I'm going to have to deal with; I could focus on my uncertainty about the future; I could even focus on deep theological struggles I'm having about God. But here, now, I can find joy for being well fed, clothed -- and having a $0 balance due on my Biola Bill.


News about me:
I'm going camping with my family this weekend, and then will head back to Biola on August 14th or 15th. I get to move into my new apartment!!!!! Yay!!!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Michael. What a blessing. You are reaping the rewards of your hard work and faithfulness. I know there will be struggles ahead for you, but I also know you will conquer them and be a successful journalist WITH A JOB IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD!